Local SEO is Exactly what it Sounds Like

It’s a search engine optimization strategy that is location-centric. Contrary to an overall SEO strategy, local SEO focuses on the brick and mortar location of your cannabis dispensary. When a business has a healthy local SEO strategy in place, their physical address and contact information will be consistent throughout all platform listings on the internet.

The importance of having a consistent internet presence helps customers learn accurate information about your cannabis business and bring them to your storefront. The unseen benefit of optimizing your local listings is that search engines will recognize your consistent information as trusted content and begin ranking your website higher in the search results. This can benefit a cannabis business that is competing for page ranks against other similar businesses on the web.

In addition, your local SEO can play a part in effective digital ad campaigns because it opens up the opportunity to geotarget the audience. Based on the browsing behaviors of customers that live within the geographical parameters of the cannabis dispensary, Google My Business, and digital display ad platforms are coming online to serve the cannabis industry.

Local Listing Updates Can be Tedious

The local SEO process can be tedious, especially if the cannabis dispensary has multiple locations and/or social media accounts. Each listing has to be identified and updated to reflect accurate contact information. Often, there may be accounts and listings that the business owner is unaware and are out of date. This interferes with the overall web presence of the company, confuses possible customers, and lowers the page rank on the major search engines.

Help Customers Find you Online and on Location

It’s not enough to simply list your business with Google My Business and Bing. A properly executed local SEO strategy takes into consideration every possible place a company might exist on the internet. The Tymber team uses industry standard data collection tools to manage our customers local SEO strategy. We can identify and update every digital listing with accurate information about your cannabis dispensary so that customers can easily find your store in search, maps, and in the field. Contact us today to discuss a local SEO strategy for your business.